Upcoming Events

  • Next Signatories Meeting -
    19 March 2024
  • Next Stakeholder Forum Meeting - tbc
  • Next Joint RMT and Signatories Meeting -
    9 January 2024

Contact Details

ODIA Coordinator

c/o K D Marine
1 House of Daviot,
Mackenzie Drive,
AB51 0NR

Email: info@odia.org.uk


Benefits of the ODIA

Benefits for employers of diving personnel, signatory companies and their clients:

Benefits for workers:

Promoting the profile of the ODIA

The ODIA signatories commend the adoption of ODIA terms to all diving services contractors operating in the UK North Sea. We would be interested in hearing from companies who are not currently signatory to the Agreement who might wish be part of our network.

The ODIA does not have the same industry profile as other North Sea collective agreements (such as the ESA or COTA) which are accepted as the industry standard and will work to promote awareness of the ODIA as the 'charter-mark' of good employment practice for diving personnel in the UK North Sea.

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