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Workforce representation

The Signatories are committed to working with the employing companies to build machinery and relationships with the RMT which promote mutual understanding and greater collaboration.

This happens on two levels - the pay and benefits' negotiations (between the Signatory Companies and the RMT), and the ongoing industrial relations framework of the ODIA Stakeholder Group (in which the Signatory Companies participate as stakeholders).

'Company' workforce reps and 'Vessel / Worksite' reps

To support the participation of workforce representatives in the bargaining process, the ODIA contains a Recognition and Procedural Agreement with the RMT.

This includes how workforce representatives are elected; the responsibilities and rights of representatives; the training and support they should expect; and how disagreements should be resolved. There is a timetable outlined for the negotiation of each pay and conditions agreement, and a procedural 'road-map' which guides the parties on how the process - taking account of the varied, and usually international, arrangements which apply for the engagement of personnel - may be managed. The Agreement provides for 2 kinds of Representative:

The Work Site or Vessel Rep (up to 2 per Vessel or Site), and
The Company Rep (1 per employing company)

Company Reps participate in the pay bargaining, while Vessel / Site Reps are concerned with vessel- or site-based issues such as safety, welfare, training and so on.

Picture shows Company Rep Calum Preston and colleague Gary Dawson diving from the Seawell.

Representatives Rights

Representatives have the right to reasonable paid time off for undertaking union duties and training, and are supported by both their RMT colleagues and the by the company they work for.

The vessel/site representatives can discuss issues of a day to day nature in respect of the vessel or worksite, e.g. standards of accommodation, food, safety and general welfare etc. They cannot discuss the Agreement itself.

The company workforce representatives can meet together up to 4 times a year. Only company employee representatives may represent the Union in discussions and negotiations relating to the ODIA Agreement, itself.

Promoting Representation

The Signatory companies wish to promote representative participation of the diving workforce representatives in the negotiation processes, and so include the contact details of current elected reps below.

A worker who does not have a rep elected for his/her worksite / vessel might be interested in talking with RMT about becoming one. Contact one of the Reps below, or Jake Molloy at the Aberdeen RMT office.

RMT representatives

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