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  • Next Signatories Meeting -
    19 March 2024
  • Next Stakeholder Forum Meeting - tbc
  • Next Joint RMT and Signatories Meeting -
    9 January 2024

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ODIA Coordinator

c/o K D Marine
1 House of Daviot,
Mackenzie Drive,
AB51 0NR

Email: info@odia.org.uk


Current Projects


The signatory companies support the UK Government's aim to extend the provisions of the Pensions Act 2008 to offshore workers. However, the legislation has been drafted for a static onshore workforce and there is a lack of detail on how this will work in practice for the personnel who work on our behalf in the UK sector.

The signatory companies worked with IMCA at UK level to address the jurisdictional and practical difficulties we have identified. Liabilities under the Act will arise in different ways for different employers, the ODIA established a short-life Working Group to examine the issues, and consider whether there might be scope for collaboration within the industry. It was agreed that the best way forward is for each Signatory Company to implement the new legislation as required in their own companies.


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